Our auto repair shop is located in Sisters, OR. Our quality ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified mechanics at Van Handel Automotive employ today’s latest automotive technology and are equipped to handle all major and minor auto repair services on foreign and domestic vehicles. Below are some of the many auto repair services that we offer


Vehicles Serviced

We service all makes and models of domestic and import cars and light trucks.

Auto Service Information

Lube Wheel Bearings, Front
Wheel Bearings allow the wheel and tire assembly to rotate on the stationary part of the drive or driven spindle. These low friction ball bearings are lubricated with high temperature resistant grease. Wheel Bearings should be serviced as recommended by manufacturer to avoid failure of the bearings or hub assembles.

Change Transfer Case Oil
Transfer Case Oil lubricates all internal components of the transfer case such as bearings, gears and chains. Transfer Case Oil should be checked and/or changed in accordance with manufacturer service schedule to ensure normal operation.

Rotate Tire and Wheel Assembly
The Tire mounts on the Wheel or rim and contacts the road to provide traction. The wheel bolts to the hub or spindle assembly. Alignment is a big factor in tire wear. Tire/Wheel rotation at regular scheduled intervals will provide even tire wear.

Replace Timing Belt
The Timing Belt is driven by the crankshaft and is used to time the opening and closing of the intake and exhaust valves in relation to the piston position. Regular inspection and replacement of the Timing Belt at recommended intervals will maintain engine performance, and may prevent engine damage as a result of belt failure.

Change Engine Coolant
Engine Coolant helps remove excess heat from the engine and keep it at a normal operating temperature. It also provides heat for the climate control system and protection against overheating and freezing in colder temperatures. Engine Coolant should be inspected regularly for condition of freeze/boil protection, corrosion resistance and level. If determined to be inadequate the Engine Cooling System’s antifreeze/coolant should be changed or flushed at regular intervals to ensure optimal performance.

Change Differential Fluid
Differential Fluid is a heavy weight oil used to lubricate the gears and bearings in front or rear differentials. Periodic servicing of Differential Fluid is recommended to maintain axle condition.

Change Brake Fluid
When the pedal is depressed, the master cylinder transfers Brake Fluid to apply the calipers or wheel cylinders, slowing or stopping the vehicle. Brake Fluid may lose some lubricating or stability properties with time and use. High heat from brakes coupled with water vapor from the air can wear down the fluid. Determining fluid condition and servicing, replacing or flushing may be a repair as prescribed by manufacturer service instructions.

Replace A/C Filter (cabin air filter)
The Cabin Air Filter reduces/prevents dust and pollens from entering the cabin. Cabin Air Filters condition should be inspected and replaced when restricted in accordance with service schedule.

Replace Engine Oil Filter
Engine Oil Filters in combination with modern detergent oils remove most of the abrasive particles that accumulate and circulate through the engine lubrication system. Regular replacement of Engine Oil Filters can help to reduce engine wear, and prolong the life of the engine.

Change Engine Oil
Engine Oil is used to lubricate moving engine parts and operate some hydraulic parts of the engine itself. Engine oil performs many functions such as cleaning, cooling and lubricating. The engine oil should be routinely checked for proper level and replaced if beyond recommended time/mileage service interval or testing indicates loss of lubricating qualities.

Air Conditioning Service
One of our trained Air Conditioning specialists will inspect your car’s air conditioner, all NC lines, evaporator and compressor for leaks and wear.

Differential Service
Remove old worn out gear oil from the front and rear differential and transfer case.

Transmission service
Using the latest in state-of-the-art technology, we will install a safe and effective cleaner to suspend harmful varnish and sludge from the transmission valve body, torque converter and lines. Replace transmission filter (when applicable). Install new fluid with conditioners.

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